3 gang small

A top quality finish
Grade one finish every time, no scalping or wind rowing– used for pattern mowing for major sports grounds.

A better cut by design
Unique hydraulic rotary flow divider design ensures all mowing units cut at the same speed regardless of grass height.
Developed, refined and proven through 30 years use in the field.
Durable, long life expectancy, heavy-duty construction.



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Get your work done quickly
3 Gang – 35 acres per 8 hour day
High road speeds reduces travel time resulting in a greater daily acreage mown.

Lower capital and running costs
Efficient hydraulic drive design requires less tractor horsepower (16 HP for 3 Gang) saving on capital and running costs

Hydra5 – Trailing 3 Gang Mower
Ideal for schools, contractors and smaller golf clubs

Hydraulic drive
Each mowing reel has its own hydraulic motor which is coupled to the reel by a compact flexible coupling. The 4 h.p. motors cut the heaviest and coarsest grasses. Because each mowing reel has it’s own hydraulic motor ground speed, tractor revs, growth density and weather conditions are not critical.


Cutting Width:
3 Gang – 2.1 metres

Tractor horsepower required:
3 Gang – 16HP

On road width: 2.33m
Reels: Standard 6 blade 9” diameter 8 Blade optional
Cutting height: 6-75mm (1/4” – 3”)

Reel speed: 1200 rpm
Power at reel: up to 4hp (3KW)

System pressure: hydraulic 800 psi


12 month warranty on all parts and labour

After Sales Services

• Prompt technical backup
• Toll free service line – 0800 696 693
• Overnight parts service
• Long term parts availability
• New Zealand made

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